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Water Warz anti-violence event held in Tallahassee

Posted at 6:51 AM, Aug 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-05 08:25:42-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Neighbors in the Big Bend are coming up with their own ways put a stop to gun violence.

With more than 40 shootings in Tallahassee just in 2019, peace is now a top priority for many.

"Please please lets end this violence all around the world. We need more love in our community," said Patrick Demson. event organizer

A cry for change and an end to gun violence. Patrick Demson hopes to do that with events like Water Warz.

He is all to familiar with gun violence and the heartbreak that comes with it.

"I started my organization back in 2011 because I had a lot of friends getting killed due to gun violence. So I was trying to make a difference in this community every way that I can," said Demson.

A past he is still healing from.

"It was very hard... as a youth just to see it happen... hearing about it... family members getting killed, loved ones, close friends getting killed... it was hard growing up," said Demson.

Water Warz is an event that allows kids to fight each other with water guns.

With the recent acts of violence going on in our back yard and across the country Sunday's event comes with a simple message.

Nikki Kyler is a mother of three. One who wants to keep her kids safe, by taking a stand against gun violence. She also hopes events like water wars will show her kids violence is never the answer.

"I hope that it shows the kids that you still can have fun without the guns and with the community coming out and the kids coming together, everyone is just here to support the kids and show them that violence is not the way," said Kyler.

Commissioners like Jeremy Matlow know that this is an issue that's going to take everyone working together to fix.

"Enough is enough... I think we all need to come together out elected officials... our community everybody... because we can't allow this to continue and we need to figure out what we need to do to stop it," said Commissioner Matlow.

Demson is already planning the next Water Warz event he hopes to have the date finalized in the next few weeks.