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Specialized field suited for people with disabilities opens in Valdosta

Posted at 5:46 PM, Apr 09, 2019

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WTXL) — During the month of April, we're raising awareness about the struggles facing people in our community, who are on the autism spectrum.

Valdosta unveiled a $5 million complex which includes a ball field, designed specifically for those with special needs.

The field is rubberized, so it allows those who are wheelchair-bound or use walkers to still play.

The other important detail, the playing surface is two-dimensional. There are no raised bases, pitching mounds, or grass. Everything is the same level, so there's less concern about tripping hazards.

The 200-foot long field named, The Miracle Field, is located at Freedom Park.

It's part of the Miracle Field Complex, a 14-acre complex built around the specialized field. The field is not just a one sport track either.

Kids and adults can play baseball, track, soccer, and basketball, making the field the largest Miracle Field in the nation.

Hope Lacy said she was overcome with joy when she found out this field would cater to her son's disability.

"It's a privilege for me. It's something that I prayed for, for a long time, and just being a mom of a child that has a disability, it is a blessing to be able to have something to be able to let them play a sport, because not a lot of times they are able to play regular sports," said Hope.

Tuesday was the special needs adults' turn to play their baseball league games.