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South Georgia nonprofit Dog TagSS helping veterans and homeless in the community

What they do and how the community can help
Posted at 8:15 PM, Sep 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-14 20:15:46-04

GRADY COUNTY, Ga. (WTXL) — One South Georgia nonprofit is giving veterans that are facing hard times a shot at a better life. ABC 27 explores what 100 percent volunteering and giving back means to them and the Cairo community.

"Probably the best kept secret in the north Florida, south Georgia area."

Take a trip to Cairo and you'll find Dog TagSS' thrift store.
A place with clothes and other goods for sale.... with every dollar, from every purchase, helping local veterans in need.
A place, their CEO Pat Christopher says, that is also offering those same items to veterans for free.

"They can come in and pick whatever they want off the rack and that way they get what they want instead of what we think they need."

The organization assists veterans facing homelessness with rent, utility and medical keep them going. Christopher said "once they get behind on one bill they get behind on several and then it snowballs, and they end up saying 'I give up' and we don't want that."

They work with several community agencies to aid veterans transitioning back home. One of their partners is Hands On Thomas County. Executive Director, Angela Kiminas, says they work to find volunteers and committee members to fill the gap in veterans services. She said "it's really terrible when you have veterans in your community that are facing homelessness or don't have a meal or don't have a decent set of clothes to go out and look for a new job...and so for Dog TagSS and the volunteers that work with them to really go out into the community and literally hit the streets is something special."

Dog TagSS also takes care-packages to the homeless…all while looking for veterans to provide food, furniture, and medical supplies. With gestures, sometimes as simple as helping someone make a call, to connect with loved ones.

"We'll help them with their minutes and we had one gentlemen that's all he wanted so I went and got him his minutes he took it and called home they wanted him home and he ended up packing up and moving in with his family and he's been on his feet doing well ever since."

Dog TagSS is looking for volunteers at the thrift store and monetary donations are always welcome.

Dog TagSS will be hosting an event called Vet Fest, happening November 13th, in Thomasville. They're currently looking for volunteers and sponsors.