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Residents react to LCSO, U.S. Marshal's 'massive' crackdown on gun violence

Nine arrests made so far
Posted at 6:20 PM, Jun 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-04 18:26:01-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — People in some Tallahassee neighborhoods are already feeling relief from the violent crime round up that began this week.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office and the U.S. Marshal's Office, along with other agencies, are targeting high crime areas to lower the gun violence and drug problems.

WTXL's Jada Williams spoke to some of the neighbors that have witnessed that crack down.

The reaction is actually split. We spoke to some people who feel targeted and said that while you usually see people out and about, now no one wants to come outside. On the other hand, some people say they finally feel like they can come outside.

Putting a stop to the violent crimes. That's top of mind for law enforcement in Leon County.

"I'm so happy to see that law enforcement is stepping up their game," said Robert Brown, who lives in Tallahassee. "Just like the drug dealers, law enforcement is, too."

Robert Brown says he's lived in the same neighborhood his whole life.

"It has become a magnet for criminal activity," Brown asserted.

This week, Leon County Sheriff's Office and the US Marshall's Office created a strike force to clean up the streets.

"We're using technology to help us focus on the people that commit these types of crimes," Deputy Dave Teems explained.

Those officers were knocking on doors of wanted people bright and early before they could leave for the day, then working on traffic in hopes of catching someone headed out.

"To let criminals know that when they get involved in violent activity, we're coming for you," said Deputy Teems. "We're going to find you where you are, where you sleep, where you drive, and get a hold of you before you can do any more damage to this community."

Damage that Robert Brown says is tearing the neighborhood apart.

"They don't care nothing about no senior citizens. Not even themselves," said Brown. "If they did, they wouldn't be doing this."

On the first day, the task force arrested 9 people wanted for violent crimes and drug charges, providing some hope for the people at home.

"So I'm going on and getting in my rocking chair and just rock, rock, rock, knowing that the authorities are vigilant and got them on the run," said Brown.

The sheriff's office is not releasing the names of the streets that were targeted but say they are focusing on the north west side of town right now. This operation will continue for a couple more days, but the sheriff's office promises to continue to use similar methods to crack down on the violence.