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Quincy issues one-time payment of $100 to residents for utilities

Inflation causing financial burden in Quincy
Posted at 6:36 PM, Sep 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-13 18:55:45-04

QUINCY, Fla. (WTXL) — The city of Quincy is using American Rescue act funding to allow and assist its residents with catching up on utilities.

"One thing we don't want is we don't want our customers making these life decisions between food and medicine and whether they pay their utility bill," says Robert Nixon, city manager of Quincy.

Nixon announced the initiative that will give a one-time $100 credit for utilities for people living within city limits.

Officials said there are roughly 200 residents delinquent on their utility bill. After feedback, city leaders felt this was a necessary step to help.

While people are dealing with being able to afford utilities, there’s another area people are having to worry about which is food insecurity.

Monique Ellsworth with Second Harvest of the Big Bend said over 6200 residents suffer from food insecurity in Gadsden County.

"Over the last 2 years hearing about children that are in need. Hearing about families that are really having to go without. Moms and Dads possibly skipping meals so that their children can eat," said CEO of Second Harvest Big Bend Monique Ellsworth. "Those are difficult stories to hear and the number of times we are now hearing that similar story line it's really heart breaking."

Ellsworth said she has noticed an increase in the need for food within the Big Bend, specifically Quincy.

"That's largely attributed to inflation, the cost of food going up during summer months, things being really stretched for families," said Ellsworth.

Resources to help with utility bills in Quincy:

1. Capital Area Community Action (850) 875-4250
2. Gadsden Senior Services (850) 627-2223
3. Catholic Charities (850) 222-2180
4. Big Bend Homeless Coalition (850) 576-5599
5. 211 Big Bend Services (850) 617-6333
6. The Salvation Army (850) 222-0304