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Quincy homeowners get new roofs after damage sustained during Hurricane Michael

Posted at 6:38 PM, Oct 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-09 18:38:36-04

QUINCY, Fla. — Thursday marks one year since Hurricane Michael brought gale-force winds to North Florida and South Georgia.

The storm tore the roofs off many homes in Quincy. Homeowners had nothing but blue tarps to shelter them from the elements.

Now one year later, some Quincy homeowners are finally getting back their homes.

"The goal is to get people back up and recovered after Hurricane Michael," said Jack L. McLean Jr., Quincy's City Manager.

Hurricane Michael knocked shingles off the roof of Sharon McCray's house and as the water seeped in, the mold grew. McCray was like many other homeowners in Quincy who had no money to pay for repairs. One year later, crews are putting in her new roof.

"It means everything. We are so grateful for it because without the help we would still have a bad roof. So I am so grateful for it. It is joy unimaginable," said McCray.

Michael damaged the roofs of 10 percent of homes in the city of Quincy. In July, city commissioners voted to use $250,000 to help Quincy homeowners repair their roofs. The project targets homes that were underinsured or not eligible for FEMA aid.

There is an application process. The city has already approved about 20 applications.

"We call them in and say, 'Hey look, you have been approved and the paperwork is ready' and before the phone is hung up they are at the door planning. They are really happy with the opportunity created by the mayor and the commission," said McLean.

Crews will work until the money runs out. The city estimates all projects will be finished in about four months.

So while roofers nail the last shingles onto Sharon McCray's new roof, her neighbor down the street waits for them to start on hers.

For more information about the Quincy re-roofing project and how to apply, click here.