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Publix limiting how much soap, sanitizer customers can buy

Customers can only buy two of each product
Posted at 8:28 AM, Mar 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-09 08:37:26-04

(WTXL) — The cleaning supply aisles have been packed recently.

With COVID-19 cases everywhere people are trying to stay healthy.

As more cases of the coronavirus develop, people have a heightened fear of catching the disease.

"I've definitely been washing my hands and making sure I'm doing everything right way more than I've ever done in my entire life before," said Joao Valente/ Publix Shopper.

That also includes making sure you have what it takes to kill germs.

"I saw some empty shelves. Sanitary wipes? Forget about it. They're all gone," said Domenic Yoney.

"Basically every cart that walked by had some kind of cleaning supply in it," said Valente.

It's a frenzy in the grocery stores to buy the items that'll keep you protected from illnesses.

"People are definitely buying that stuff and preparing for corona," said Valente.

With the influx of people wanting to buy supplies Publix is making sure each customer gets a chance to take some home.

If you're wanting to stock up on hand sanitizer, hand soap, and sanitizing wipes, you can only walk out with two.

But there are people finding other ways to get more than enough.

"My mom sent me a bunch of stuff even before the whole coronavirus outbreak came through. I have it at home already from Costco, so it's a big bunch," said Valente.

For any one looking online places like Walmart are sold out of items like this 4 count pack of Lysol wipes.

Then there's Amazon where third party listers are selling a 6 count pack of wipes for $89.99.

Amazon tells ABC News they're cracking down on the sellers trying to take advantage.

ABC 27 reached out to Publix to see just how long the purchase limit will last but we haven't heard back.

The CDC says one of the best ways to avoid catching the disease is to wash your hands and avoid touching your face.