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Prayer vigil held for Sloan sisters in Eastpoint

Posted at 12:03 AM, Jan 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-24 00:45:14-05

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WTXL) — Cheyenne Rotlla vividly remembers the night her neighbors, and friends Lilly and Alexis Sloans house caught on fire.

"I was laying down on the couch and then I hear screaming so I woke up a little bit and I see my cousin running and wake up my dad so I look out the glass door and then I saw a huge fire," said Rotlla.

The two sisters died in the house fire that happened early Friday morning, deputies believe that a heating lamp being used for a litter of puppies ignited the home.

"We did purple for Lilly, and black for Alexis," said Kyleigh Shiver, a friend of the sisters.

With her hair streaked purple with a black sweatshirt on, Shiver came to the prayer vigil held for the girls at Hope Park in Eastpoint in their favorite colors.

This picture of Kyleigh and Alexis was taken around Thanksgiving at School and shows the smile Alexis wore constantly.

"They were calm and nice, and I guess friendly," said Shiver.

With friends, family, and neighbors hurting from the loss of the sisters, messages of hope and reassurance in the Lord were passed on to everyone affected during Sunday's prayer vigil.

Pastor Mike Johnson of Eastpoint Church of Christ, who led off the first part of the service-- describes the impact the girls had on him and his family through their church.

"They were just wonderful, beautiful children," said Johnson. "They had such a heart for eachother. You know, it was honestly one of the greatest honors of our lives to be able to get to know them."

As for helping the Cooper family deal with their loss, Rotlla says she has an idea on how she may be able to help.

"I know one way that we could raise money for them, me and Kyleigh did a lemonade stand once and it made like 60 dollars," said Rotlla.

The service keeping their friends minds on the memories, instead of the feeling of loss.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said they are opening up donations for the Cooper family starting this week.