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Police: Apalachee Center employee accused of sexual activity with patient

Posted at 9:19 AM, May 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-05 14:57:39-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — An Apalachee Center employee was arrested after police say he admitted to engaging in sexual activity with a mental health patient while working.

According to court documents, a victim made a sexual battery report to Tallahassee Police on March 7.

The victim disclosed to police that she was sexually assaulted by 23-year-old Deion Young.

Documents say Young is an recovery coach at the Apalachee Center, a counseling and mental health clinic, and was appointed to be a peer specialist for a group the victim was in.

When speaking with police, the victim referred to Young as being her teacher.

On March 7, the victim says she and Young went on a walk outside. hey walked and talked around the campus until they reached the basketball court, where they sat down at a table nearby.

Documents say while the two were at the table Young mentioned that he heard the victim say "she wanted to have sex and get pregnant" and the victim said she did, but not with him.

That's when the victim told investigators that Young stood up, pulled down his pants and forced the victim to participate in sexual activity.

"[The victim] was afraid of what Young would do to her since she was secluded from everyone else," so she complied. When it was over, the victim stated they walked back and joined the rest of the group.

On March 12, police conducted an interview with Young about the incident.

Young confirmed with police that he was a recovery coach at the Apalachee Center and that his role was to provide accountability, counseling, encouragement and assistance to patients.

Police say Young admitted to engaging in sexual activity with the victim but he believed it was consensual. During the interview, Young stated "lust took over," which led to the sexual act.

He later explained to police that he stopped the sexual activity because he felt like what they were doing was wrong as he was an employee at the center.

Based on the evidence, Young was arrested and transported to the Leon County Detention Facility. As of Tuesday, he is being held in jail without bond for engaging in sexual activity with a mental patient, which is a second degree felony.

Young has not been charged with sexual assault.