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NextGen America hoping to increase student participation in elections

Posted at 5:22 PM, Aug 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-26 17:22:40-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — It's the first day of classes at Florida State University and NextGen America is urging all students to register to vote.

Representatives were on campus with applications, hoping to increase the number of students who are participating in elections.

Last year alone, the organization registered more than 52,000 young voters nationwide.

NextGen members say they want to show young people how much power they have in this democracy.

"When we give first time voters and we give new college students the ability to vote, it would break down those walls of all those hypothetical voters," said Jake Capistran, with NextGen America. "We found out that they actually like to be involved they care about things like the climate. They care about education, they care about a living wage. All those kind of ideals that we all hold as well and that if we give them a window to vote and we show them how to vote. They will come out to vote."

The group says statistics show people ages 18 to 35 are the largest voter demographic in the country and that age group is poised to make a big impact on the 2020 election.