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New women's rehabilitation center opens in Valdosta

The center is the second all female rehab facility in the city
Posted: 5:47 PM, Mar 25, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-25 17:47:29-04
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VALDOSTA, Ga. — A new rehabilitation center is now open in Valdosta.

The center is the second all female rehab facility in the city.

Daisey, Melissa, and Annie are all looking for a fresh start.

"I'm a registered nurse by career and homelessness doesn't discriminate. I had no support no encouragement," said Melissa. "What you go through you will find other women that have been through way worse."

All three women are either dealing with addiction and/or homeless.

They each come from different backgrounds and have different reasons for their struggles, but all are a part of The Meeting Place, a new all female rehabilitation center in Valdosta.

Dajahna Usher, known to people in the house as Daisey, was recently released from prison and had nowhere to go, and the center couldn't have opened up at a better time.

"My ultimate goal is getting my two kids back, and my life, and being the best mother and person I can possibly be," said Daisey.

Lisa Straughter, founder of The Meeting Place, says she understands what these three women are going through.

"There was a point in my life where I was homeless myself. It was only two and a half weeks, but what I tell everybody "one second of homelessness is a second too long," said Straughter.

All three women say the facility provides them something other rehabilitation centers don't.

The shelter says they can hold up to four women at a time for up to 120 days before they transition back to their normal lives.