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New project fixes Quincy roofs damaged by Hurricane Michael

Posted at 6:23 PM, Aug 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-15 18:23:31-04

QUINCY, Fla. — Relief may be coming for some Quincy homeowners.

Many are still struggling to deal with damage left over from Hurricane Michael. But the city is coming with a solution, the new re-roofing and mold mitigation program.

Sharon McCray and her granddaughter are dealing with headaches and allergies due to mold.

Hurricane Michael ripped shingles off their roof and sent a tree crashing through the front door. Now, her roof is leaking all over the house. As the water seeps in, the mold grows, but there is no money to fix the roof.

"Everyone that I had come to give me an estimate and check it they were telling me about how bad shape it was in and then when it came to the amount of money to get it fixed, that just made me feel even worse because I didn't have that kind of money to fix the roof," said McCray.

Help could be on the way. Last month, city commissioners voted to use $250,000 to help Quincy homeowners repair their roofs and get rid of mold. That money was originally earmarked for a ditch project in District 1. City Manager Jack McClean recommended re-allocating the funds.

"Anyone who has damages that didn't have FEMA funds sufficient enough to take care of it or the insurance money wasn't sufficient or they may have been denied," said McClean.

You can pick up the application at Quincy City Hall in the Building and Planning Office. It's also on the City of Quincy's website. McCray is crossing her fingers.

"It would make me feel great. I hope I am one of the ones that can get their roof fixed because I definitely need it," said McCray.

There are about 150 homes in Quincy that still have roof damage. The $250,000 will cover re-roofing for about 50 to 60 homes.

Homeowners will be chosen in order of priority. They hope to have all of the re-roofing work complete in 120 days.