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New Leaf Market selling store assets in hopes of keeping store open

Posted at 6:33 PM, Dec 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-03 18:33:51-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A local market in Tallahassee is making some changes for their business in the future, but are hopeful they can keep the lights on.

The New Leaf Market, located right off Apalachee Parkway, made the announcement Tuesday that they are in the process of selling their assets of their store.

Community Cooperative Market is looking to purchase the assets from New Leaf and continue to bring an alternative way to shop for organic products in the Big Bend.

Dennis Smith, Board Vice President for the New Leaf Market, says he is confident the vote will pass and reassures employees of the store that they will get to keep their jobs.

"They would essentially have us close the door on New Leaf one day and reopen the next day as CCM," said Smith. "So all the staff that are here are gonna be continuing to be here so if you come, if you love shopping at New Leaf and love the products that we have, you'll have those products and more products and the same friendly staff that you're used to working with."

The store has been around for about 40 years and is looking to turn over a new leaf with the help of Community Cooperative Market and the vote from owners on December 28.