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Nepenthic Society in Thomasville still recovering from Hurricane Michael

Posted at 6:27 PM, Jul 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-08 18:26:59-04

THOMASVILLE, Ga. — When storms happen, people are not the only ones that feel the impacts.

The Nepenthic Society in Thomasville rescues injured animals and rehabilitates them to be re-released into the wild. It's a job that's been tough since the storm.

Ever since Hurricane Michael swept through Georgia, the Nepenthic Society in Thomasville has not been the same.

"A tremendous amount of trees fell down. It fell on some of the enclosures, the cages, and pins," said Lorraine Conklin, owner of the Neopenthic Society.

A majority of the animal enclosures were damaged by the storm. Something that's been costly to fix.

"We had to pay the people to take down the trees and rebuild some of the enclosures," said Conklin. "There were few people in the area that can do that and there was a lot of people who needed it, so they named their price. It was extremely expensive."

Conklin hosts a fundraiser each year to bring in money to the nonprofit. This year almost all of the money went to cleaning up damage from the storm.

When officers with the Thomasville Police Department heard the need for help, they jumped in immediately.

"I talked to the chief about it and we decided we wanted to do something for the community to get the community involved in a way to help out," said Krystal Parker, Communications Specialist for the Thomasville Police Department.

Officers with the Thomasville Police Department turned to social media to ask for donations. It's something that Conklin wants others to be inspired by.

"I'm hoping that some people realize they can do some good by saving the life of an animal who has done nothing wrong on this planet," said Conklin.

The rescue is in need of dog and cat food. Those items can be dropped off at the Thomasville Police Department.