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Midway elects new council members, mayor, mayor pro tem

Posted at 4:20 AM, May 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-03 04:24:25-04

GADSDEN COUNTY, Fla. (WTXL) — Thursday night the city of Midway proved they are ready for change.

Three new council members were voted into office Tuesday and sworn in tonight.

A new mayor and mayor pro-tem were also chosen Thursday. New momentum for Midway.

And just like that three new faces are sworn in agreeing to spend the next four years putting the City of Midway first and sitting behind the bench for the first time.

"It was interesting. I mean it was very informative. I sat back because I really wanted to see what really goes on and see how everybody does things, really the order of things," Braheem Russ.

Newly-elected council members Braheem Russ, Ella Parker Dickey and Nandryka King Albert were welcomed by a packed crowd at Thursday night's council meeting.

"I'm hoping with our new elected officials that we have here now, that we can continue to move forward, we can get our roads repaved, can get our sewer project done," said Delores Madison.

That project? To put in a new sewer system for the entire city of Midway with an estimated price tag of $18 million dollars.

Thursday night, Midway also elected District 2 Councilman Ronald Colston to be the city's new mayor.

"It gives me another opportunity to try to take a leadership role in the community. I've been here 18 years off and on the council and hopefully we will have a better view of what the citizens want and what we can do as far as accommodating their needs," said Colston.

Moving Midway forward a common theme among both the new commission and neighbors.

As far as the sewer system for Midway the council is hoping to get most of the funding from the state but if they don't commissioner Samuel Stevens proposed raising taxes.

But newly elected district 3 council woman Nandryka King Albert made it clear she's against the idea.