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Middle Georgia Rabbi responds to anti-Semitic display outside synagogue

Posted at 11:58 PM, Jun 25, 2023

MACON, Ga. (WTXL) — A Middle Georgia Rabbi and Governor Brian Kemp are responding after a dozen neo-Nazi extremists waved flags displaying anti-Semitic propaganda in front of several synagogues around the state.

One neo-Nazi display happened outside a synagogue in Macon Friday, and another one happened at an East Cobb synagogue Saturday, near Atlanta. County officials identified the extremists as a small group that travels around the state.

ABC27 spoke with Elizabeth Bahar, Rabbi for Temple Beth Israel in Macon. where one of those displays took place. She shares what it means to see people rally behind the Jewish community during this time.

"It was so jarring and upsetting to see that level of vitriolic hate and anger and on the flip side, it's how welcoming, how kind, how nurturing to have the community turn around and say not in our town that is not welcome," said Bahar.

Governor Brian Kemp took to Twitter to condemn the hate, writing in part:

"There is absolutely no place for this hate and anti-Semitism in our state. I share in the outrage over this shameful act and stand with Georgians everywhere in condemning it. "

Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff also responded to the incidents saying:

"Georgia's Jewish community will never be intimidated by anti-Semitism. Today, as symbols of genocide were paraded in front of synagogues, we continue to stand strong, proud, and unbowed."