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Melanin Mothers Meet: Providing support to mothers of color

Posted at 1:48 PM, Aug 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-23 14:11:17-04

TALLLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — About 83% of mothers in our country breastfed their babies at birth.

85% of white mothers said they breastfed compared to only 69% of black mothers.

That's a 16% difference according to data from the National Immunization Survey Child Research.

Three out of four mothers in the U.S. will start out breast feeding and at the end of six months that rate will fall according to the CDC.

Trishay Burton, a mother of two, told ABC 27 that breastfeeding was her only option.

"It's really not about you its about the baby and the health of the baby," said Burton.

Burton said it was important for her to breastfeed despite obstacles but that it's not the only difficulties black mothers face.

Trishay Burton created a non profit to help other mothers called Melanin Mothers Meet.

"Melanin Mothers Meet provides that support in those spaces where black women don't have it you know just make breastfeeding better for them," said Burton.

She said it was a way to inspire mothers and share her breastfeeding journey while providing education and support.

"We come from sisterhood and that's what Melanin Mothers Meets provides is that sisterhood" said Burton.

"You know with breastfeeding it was not the easiest feat but I didn't let the challenges stop me" said Trish Burton, Founder of Melanin Mothers Meet.

Dr. Amandla Haynes is a physician who said many black mothers are not getting the education and resources they need to breastfeed successfully.

"A lot of systemic issues you know from the clinical setting all the way to the community setting" said Dr. Haynes. "It has to do a lot with the historic culture implications of breastfeeding in our communities" said Haynes.

Haynes said there was a time where breastfeeding was encouraged because it was the cheaper route.

Now, with the introduction of formula and different birthing options, things have changed.

Black breastfeeding week starts Thursday but Melanin Mothers Meetstarts their series Tuesday to offer support and advice when it comes to breastfeeding and black maternal health.