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Massive sinkhole filled in Tallahassee, trailers to be torn down

Posted at 4:37 PM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 17:52:50-05

LEON COUNTY, Fla. (WTXL) — The sinkhole in Tallahassee that forced two families out of their homes and ripped a trailer in half is now filled.

Crews started working Friday and finished filling it in Monday morning. But work on the property, for the crews, isn't done.

The sinkhole opened up Tuesday night in the Capital City Pines mobile home community. Monday, crews began filling up the hole. ABC 27 captured some of the process on camera.

He woke up Tuesday to find his home and another home dangerously close to that hole. By Wednesday evening, part of his mobile home collapsed as the sinkhole spread.

"It's not even been one week since the tragedy happened. It's not even been one week since Thursday when they came onto the property. So I think personally this is a sad very, very sad situation," said Lynn Garman, a neighbor in the area.

Workers managed to fill in the sinkhole without causing much more of the trailers to fall. It took 201 truckloads and 4,020 tons of dirt (more than 8 million pounds) to fill in that sinkhole.

By the end of this week, both of the homes will be torn down. After the homes are torn down, geo-technicians will test for other potential sinkhole spots on the land.

The sinkhole was 65 feet deep, about the size of an average 5-story building, and 60 feet across, which is the length of three single-wide mobile homes.

The property owner tells ABC 27 he's working with the people living in those trailers to figure out where they will live, once their homes are torn down. He says so far, no concrete plans have been made.

ABC 27 first reported the sinkhole and was there filming as the sinkhole grew bigger and bigger over the course of a few hours:

The Red Cross has stepped up to help Anwar as he tries to figure out what to do next. Over the weekend, he was able to raise about $400 from donations and sales at the Tallahassee Flea Market.

In addition, there is another GoFundMe, set up for Richard Salim, a volunteer firefighter who's trailer sits across from Anwar's. His trailer did not fall into the sinkhole but authorities have marked it a total loss.

Click here to help Salim.