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Lucky’s Market in Tallahassee gives back to non-profits with Bags for Change Bash

Posted at 5:52 PM, Dec 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-02 17:52:21-05

Eliminating plastic and pushing for customers to use their reusable bags is something grocery stores continue to do.

At Lucky’s Market in Tallahassee, they are also using it as a way to give back to the community.

Monday was a regular day at Lucky's Market. People purchasing the groceries they need and shopping for the holidays.

But what makes this time of year different is the emphasis on giving. The "Bags for Change Bash" at Lucky's helps customers do just that.

"Every little bit truly does help and every penny is going to right back to our client services and we are very appreciative," said Dan Taylor, the president of Big Bend Cares.

Big Bend Cares supports those suffering from HIV or AIDS. This is the first year they've partnered with Lucky's for the Bags for Change.

Taylor is thankful for those willing to use their reusable bags on a day like Monday, allowing people to save the environment and give back.

"It's gonna help us bring light on HIV and AIDS in our area and... like I said, help our clients and we hope it's a very fruitful partnership," said Taylor.

Another nonprofit benefiting from Bags for Change is Girls on the Run of the Big Bend, which helps encourage girls to live a healthier lifestyle. Jennifer Powell, the Executive Director, says partnering with Lucky's for this was a no-brainer.

"Their mission is the same as ours... it's to give back to the community and to impact more children and youth and that's what our program aligns with so it's super exciting to be here to meet people hopefully get more volunteers and hopefully serve our organization to some capacity," said Powell.

When it's over, Lucky's will match what customers donated.

"We keep celebrating all the people that make this possible for our girls... so being at an organization like this tonight to celebrate that is really awesome," said Powell.

A sweet deal, for all involved.

Here's where you come in:

Customers who shop with their reusable bags, are given 10 cents to donate to local non-profits. At the end of the quarter, Lucky's will total everything, and double the donations.