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Longtime Cairo resident reflects on destruction from tornado

Posted: 5:41 PM, Mar 06, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-08 09:33:06Z
Longtime Cairo resident reflects on destruction from tornado

CAIRO, Ga. (WTXL) — We are talking about the power of positivity in Cairo, many residents saying they're just grateful to be alive after experiencing the tornado on Sunday night.

Mayor Booker Gainor says power restoration has exceeded his expectations. Ten percent of residents are without power and crews are working around the clock.

Many who have lost everything say they're grateful just to have survived and they will figure out the rest with time. It's uplifting to see how strong Cairo is and how thankful they all are for help from surrounding communities.

Utility crews from across Georgia are helping recovery efforts and Wednesday, the city opened a supply pick-up at Wilson Chapel to help residents who lost everything.

"This is probably the worst thing that I've been through," said David Moore, a Cairo resident.

Moore was cooking dinner when sirens started going off, warning him about a tornado. He says his first instinct was to get his wife somewhere safe.

"I was trying to kind of maintain and be calm for her and make sure that we were okay," said Moore. "And I was just thinking and praying and thanking God that were still alive through all this."

Moore says it happened so fast. The roof collapsed, a wall not far behind it, and windows shattering around him.

"As we went into the back bedroom those windows shattered and I told her to get down and as we went up the hallway I started hearing the trees hitting the top of the house," said Moore.

He says those three minutes felt like they lasted forever and couldn't believe the damage he woke up to Monday morning.

"When the sun came up and we could see just how devastating it was and how devastating the neighborhood was," Moore explained.

He says he doesn't know what the recovery process looks like from here, but knows it won't be easy. More than anything, Moore is happy no one died from the disaster and he's staying positive.

"I just want to give thanks to everybody that's just out there and donating and helping out, not just me, but helping everybody in the community," Moore said. "We'll survive and we will stay strong."

Moore says he's lived in Cairo for 25 years and, between Hurricane Michael and now this tornado, the city has never seen this type of destruction. But with a smile on his face, he told WTXL that the community will stay strong and survive this.

If you are looking to help the residents of Cairo, check out the Facebook post below: