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Leon County Schools updates mask policy, bringing the system into compliance

Leon County Schools
Posted at 9:31 PM, Oct 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-26 21:31:38-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Leon County School leaders updated their mask policy for students at Tuesday's board of education meeting.

This time the superintendent says their policy will be in compliance with state rules, hopefully ending financial penalties for the district.

Students will still be required to wear masks in doors, but parents can opt them out without a doctor's note.

Parents can also send kids to school after the child has been exposed to COVID but is asymptomatic. While the district asks those children wear masks, parents can also opt them out of that rule.

District employees will be asked to wear masks indoors when appropriate.

Hanna made sure to also say this:

"I want to be very clear. Data and numbers are moving us into compliance, not simply to comply. If things change January, February, March or May, we will 100 percent."

Over the last 14 days, the district has reported 27 new COVID cases in students and two in staff.

As of the last update, 46 students were in quarantine.

Hanna says he'll be sending a letter to the Florida Board of Education about the changes.

The new policy is set to go into effect Monday, Nov. 1.