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Killearn neighbors against road construction, calling for change

Posted at 6:25 PM, Sep 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-04 18:25:18-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A road project has the people living in Killearn upset.

Earlier this summer, homeowners met to talk about ways to stop the road construction from happening.

Now they'll be taking their plans straight to project managers at Wednesday's Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency meeting.

Blueprint's Northeast Gateway project plans to build a four lane road over I-10 to the center of Killearn.

Now the people in the area are worried about all of the extra traffic that road could dump right into Killearn.

Homeowners have come up with alternative routes that don't run through the neighborhood that they believe developers could use instead.

The community has conducted its own studies and even hired its own traffic surveyors to help.

Community members will present the alternatives at Thursday's Blueprint meeting.

"We already have a speeding problem through our neighborhood from people that are trying to cut through and maybe save a couple of minutes off of Thomasville Road," said Bill Schack, Killearn Homes Association Board Member. "With all the schools and the traffic on Centerville Road being a two lane road, bringing another road into that is only going to add 6,000-10,000 cars, and that's just something that we can't support in our neighborhood."

The Killearn Estates Homeowner's Association is encouraging everyone who lives in the area to come out to Thursday's meeting at 5 p.m. They're also asking people to wear green.

Killearn neighbors aren't the only ones planning to call for change at the meeting.

The remaining people in the Boynton Still community will also ask for Blueprint to reconsider their FAMU Gateway project.