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Kearney Center prepares, delivers meals to homeless community

Shares Wish List on Amazon
Posted at 6:48 PM, Apr 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-22 20:18:20-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — While the Kearney Center is now empty, the homeless shelter's kitchen-supervisor is working to make sure the homeless community doesn't go hungry.

Food service is now on the road, delivering brunch and dinner to homeless people now living hotels and apartments like Westgate.

Kearney Center Food Services director Bill Schack prepares the meals at the center.

Brunch bags include shelf stable items like crackers and tuna fish.

The dinner varies daily, but is usually prepared food like chicken and veggies.

Every person given a place to stay has access to microwaves and fridges, helping them get access to food similar to what the shelter would normally serve.

But Schack says the unforeseen circumstances is making it harder to get those meals out.

"We've had 50-60 partners every single month that come out to the center," said Shack. "But we don't have volunteers anymore. This is all laid on myself and maybe one other person. So the donations that come in are a big help, like these crackers. It's a side dish that we don't have to make. We just throw it into a bag."

The Kearney Center now has an Amazon Wish List full of food and toiletry items they could use to give to the people staying in hotels.

Schack says donations and help from organizations like Second Harvest and Grace Mission are a big key in keeping the homeless community fed.

To access the wish list, click here.