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INSIDE LOOK: Havana Mercantile opens its doors to the public

Havana Mercantile has 12 vendors who have inventory in the store
Posted at 5:57 PM, Aug 17, 2023
  • Havana Mercantile had its grand opening Thursday, August 17th
  • Busy season for downtown Havana will begin around late September
  • Video above takes you inside


Opening doors one item at a time. Havana Mercantile opened its doors to the community and one vendor believes it will allow her to express her love for fashion.

“Is has been a wonderful experience" said Bernikia Wright

Bernikia Wright has been the owner of her business ‘Be More Nothing Less’ for three years. She is a vendor who sells vintage clothing at Havana Mercantile. Since being a vendor at the store, she’s never looked back.

"Being apart of the community I wasn’t sure if I was going to have my support system with me. But I tell you this is the best decision I ever made for my business" said Wright

Owned by Lisa and Rick Scott, Havana Mercantile has been softly opened to the public since May. On Thursday, they will be having their grand opening and be fully opened.

Having about 12 vendors in the store like Bernikia, they hope to bring business to the community during busy season, which begins late September.

“We sell, some people would say used goods, some of these are actually new used goods. Some are momentous memories; we sell a lot of memories. Some of the things in here, I couldn’t tell you what they were because I’m not old enough, even as old as I am” said Scott.

Scott says some of the items in the store come from the vendors and they continue to add inventory.

Most of the items in the store are second hand antiques. Wright says she spends her time going to estate sales and thrift stores finding statement pieces that catch her eye.
“All these pieces and the ones I’m looking for are the unique pieces, mostly the shoulder pads color blocks. I’m definitely into the color and sequence" said Wright.

Due to it being summer, business for Havana Mercantile and others in downtown has been slow.

Living in the community for about 3 years now, Scott said that opening the store would bring business to them and others in downtown.
“We are excited for peak season because it’s been really slow because of the heat” said Scott.

Bernikia and the Scott’s believe this season will be a successful one not only for themselves but for others.

“I am very excited for the vendors here as well as the community of Havana because we don’t have much going on. So I think this will be a great opportunity” said Wright.

Wright encourages those to come to downtown Havana as she says there is plenty to do for all.