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Hound dogs found abandoned around Wakulla, Franklin counties

Posted at 6:40 PM, Feb 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-07 18:40:15-05

WAKULLA, Fla. (WTXL) — Stray dogs have been found roaming around Wakulla and Franklin County, all because their owners don't want them anymore.

There are currently nine hound dogs at the Wakulla County Animal Services and another at the Franklin County Humane Society. It's likely that all of the dogs were left behind by their owners after dog hunting season.

Dog hunting uses hound dogs to chase game like deer and quail towards the hunter.

The Wakulla County Animal Services Director, Ivanhoe Caroll, said that many times, when a dog begins to lose it skill at hunting, the owners don’t see the need to keep it around.

"Eight-year-old Sally was surrendered because the owner said she wouldn't hunt, so he brought her to the shelter," Caroll said.

Other owners simply leave their dogs in the woods once their done with them.

When ABC 27 reached out to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to ask them what they were doing about the problem, they sent the following statement:

"The FWC is aware, this issue is being discussed and will continue working with stakeholders to address their concerns."

Carroll says about half of the animals they get in a year are hound dogs.

"Each dog is special, just like people,” said Caroll. “Some are happy, and vocal, and special. Others, something has happened in the past. Like Shelby. Something has happened to her in the past. She wants to love and trust, but she doesn't know what's expected of her."

Caroll said they will likely take in more hounds, since the season ended Wednesday. ABC 27 was unable to confirm with the FWC how often arrests are made when an owner abandons its hunting dog.