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Health officials now pleading for more people to get vaccinated

Posted at 1:02 AM, Aug 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-03 01:03:53-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — In an emotionally written Facebook post by Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Vice President of Communication Stephanie Derzypolski that as been shared over 220 times, she begged for anyone who can take the vaccine, to get the vaccine.

"This is a serious enough situation that we have entered into an emergency operational type of plan," said Derzypolski during a TMH press conference.

Now, her healthcare facility is making drastic changes to it's operations.

Certain elective procedures that require at least a one night stay in the hospital have been paused until Aug. 6.

TMH is also pulling medical staff that doesn't primarily work on the front lines like Educators or even hospital leadership to take on bedside shifts until numbers stop rising.

"As an organization we emphasize the importance of vaccination. It truly is the best tool to prevent further infections," said Dr. Dean Watson of TMH.

Dr. Dean Watson of TMH reports that the hospital is currently at 70 COVID-19 patients. Capital Regional is sitting at 62 COVID-19 patients.

And while infections and hospitalizations rise in Leon County, they're also rising across the state.

Marc Lotter with the Florida Hospital Association said there are currently 10,000 hospitalizations in Florida, 95 percent of them are unvaccinated.

"We're seeing younger people, 25-year-olds, being put on ventilators in the ICU," said Lotter.

Healthcare agencies, once again, pleading for everyone to get the vaccine.

"If you have a chance and you're eligible to get the vaccine, do it," said Lotter.