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Health insurance program cuts could affect people with disabilities

Posted at 6:25 PM, Oct 21, 2019

(WTXL) — A health insurance program for those with disabilities could soon see cuts in its budget by the Florida Legislature.

It's a frightening possibility for those who need the iBudget Waiver to survive.

We spoke to Amanda Baker, she has been on this program since she was three.

She's one of the 35,000 Floridians who use the waiver. Another 21,000 are on the waiting list to get it.

It pays for services that are not available with regular Medicaid coverage. Baker is scared these cuts will impact her day to day life.

“It makes me feel very afraid because I need every bit of personal care that I have," said Baker. "I actually need a little bit more than what I have so the thought of cutting what I have now is really scary because I depend on that person.”

In September, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities submitted a newly designed plan for iBudget at lawmakers' request. That plan will be reviewed during session in 2020.

Florida is ranked 49th in the nation for Medicaid spending for those with developmental disabilities.

Baker says she hopes the Legislature would evaluate what can be done to keep this program going.