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Hangar 38 feels economic impact of COVID-19

Posted at 12:59 AM, Mar 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-23 06:34:29-04

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) - — With the ban on mass gatherings from Governor Ron DeSantis, the impacts are being felt on more than just places to eat.

The Tallahassee arcade, Hangar 38, said they're usually packed on Saturdays. Now, with people having to stay to at home, business has practically disappeared.

General manager Ryan Flury said safety is a priority. But he acknowledges if this continues much longer, it will become a major issue for them economically.

"First, I want the teams and families to be safe. That's the most important thing. But on the business side, we would like for this to be over as quickly as possible because we were doing very well and, as you can see, not having it open and just doing to-go orders is not quite the same business as it was," said Flury.

Hangar 38 has also reduced staff during this time.