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Grady County Unbroken: Residents remain strong after devastating tornado

Help coming to Cairo from all over
Posted: 4:20 AM, Mar 07, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-08 09:31:36Z
Grady County Unbroken: Residents remain strong after devastating tornado

CAIRO, Ga. (WTXL) — After hurricane Michael left so much damage behind, the city of Cairo came up with the mantra, "Grady unbroken." And Grady county is still unbroken following Sunday's tornado.

Sunday's tornado ripped through parts of Cairo and left many neighborhoods looking like a war zone. Now residents are slowly picking up the pieces trying to return to a normal life.

Help has been plentiful, with people and organizations from all over donating their time, resources, and money to help those affected by Sunday's tornado get back on their feet.

Deep Brewing Company is partnering with the Tallahassee Beer Society to help donate a portion of proceeds from their weekend-long "stout release."

For Trey Gainous, the executive director of the Cairo-Grady county chamber of commerce, having help like this means a lot to the county.

"It's everyone that's said, 'Cairo helped us so much during Michael, so we want to give back.' It's just great. Courtney and I, that's the fun part of our job is we get to hear those stories and how people just want to help. It's been great," said Gainous.

Though parts of the city still torn up and the rebuilding efforts will be slow, it's the little help like this that help Grady County stay "unbroken."

Deep Brewing Company in Tallahassee is donating one dollar for every stout poured, to the Grady County relief efforts.

Things kick off at 1 p.m., Friday afternoon.