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Getting to know AI?

Will Artificial Intelligence shape the future or hurt it?
Posted at 10:41 AM, Jul 06, 2023

(WTXL) — No matter where you turn, artificial intelligence - also known as AI - is the topic of conversation, but how worried should you be?

David Reed inaugural director of AI squared Center at the University of Florida says, “the future is here and it’s AI!”

But no matter how you feel about the change many experts are stressing don’t get left behind.

Reed tells ABC 27 AI is for everyone and there’s no need for backgrounds in engineering or data science.

And while it may come with a lot of fear and anxiety, there’s more benefits than you think.

“AI is something accessible to everyone. You can learn enough about this to utilize this at your job. And if you are someone who has a background in learning AI, even if you are just getting started, you will be more valuable to you company,” Reed said.

Reed tells ABC 27 the University of Florida is one of the nation’s first universities to offer its students AI across the curriculum with courses in artificial intelligence available in all 16 colleges, including journalism.

“Coming to UF, you can learn about artificial intelligence to use right in your field!” Reed said.

So, we tried it in our field.

ABC 27 downloaded chat GPT asked a question about how to write a news package and had a script in less than 20 seconds.

Then we put it to the real test by asking assistant news director Alexa Denagall which script was mine and which was AI’s.

Reed says by embracing AI's possibilities and actively addressing the ethical standards, we all can shape a future that aligns with our values and ensures a positive impact on society.

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