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Georgia Tandem Rally expected to give Thomasville economic boost

Georgia Tandem Rally comes to Thomasville for the first time ever
Posted at 5:52 PM, May 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-19 18:29:09-04

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WTXL) — "We are having experiences simultaneously," said Roger Strauss.

Roger Strauss is the director of the Georgia Tandem Rally. The 2-seater bike event brings enthusiasts together to ride and socialize. Each year the Georgia Tandem Rally is held in a different city.

This year that place is Thomasville for the first time ever.

On average Strauss says tandem bikers can ride anywhere between 36 to 56 miles a day. His favorite part? Getting to ride with his wife, Eve.

"I would ride with my wife on little bikes, single bikes we call them, and I would always be turning around looking for her. Where is she? Now I know where she is, right on the back of the bike," said Strauss.

Now 75 tandem teams are sharing their love of cycling right in Thomasville.

"It's wonderful for our local businesses." said Bonnie Hayes, director of Thomasville's Tourism Development.

Hayes said this event provides an economic boost to local hotels, stores, and restaurants. Though that isn't the only benefit.

"Anytime that we've got a group like this in Thomasville, the direct spend you'll see in the hotels and the restaurants and the shops that's wonderful. What you don't see is the indirect spend," said Hayes.

Such as more money being spent in the community to staff stores and restaurant for the big weekend.

Strauss said choosing a place for the rally can be important when planning an event such as this.

He added Thomasville was the perfect choice.

"Next year we'll probably go to a different city, but we definitely want to come back in the future," said Strauss.