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Georgia businesses reopen under new guidelines

Posted at 6:03 AM, Apr 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-27 06:03:36-04

DECATUR COUNTY, Ga. (WTXL) — Despite increasing cases of COVID-19, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp gave the go-ahead for some businesses to reopen with certain restrictions.

Business may not be booming just yet, but beauty shops and similar services are back open for business across Georgia.

Signs are up at Julie Conley's Southern Roots Hair salon to welcome customers back into familiar chairs but with a list of mandates for business owners.

Salons were given restrictions of only having one person in the salon at a time per person. Also stylist must use gloves they can't reuse the capes.

At a nearby tattoo parlor, Jenni Barber says their artists are dealing with the same.

"Everybody's paying attention to our sanitation and following the rules of the health department has given us," said Jenni Barber, a Tattoo Apprentice.

Still, They say they're says she's happy to see clients again.

"we were super busy yesterday swamped and we're super thankful to everybody who is, out and supported us with the past few days," said Barber.

For Conley, Especially after being hit hard by Coronavirus closures during prom and graduation season.

"That's a big big money maker for a hairdresser," said Conley.

As for whether she thinks they'll stay open.

" I'm kind of iffy about whether it's going to last because I feel like everybody might not take those precautions in as soon as those numbers start going up we might get shut down," said Conley.

Despite the extra cost and effort that may come with keeping their spaces sanitized for both staff and clientele,

As per Governor Kemp's orders, restaurants in Georgia will be opening on Monday.

Movie theaters will also be allowed to reopen.

But, before those businesses can open their doors they have to be able to follow the guidelines the Governor laid out in his executive order.