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FSU students make change to student ID cards, making voting easier

Posted at 2:08 PM, May 09, 2021

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Two political science students at Florida State University have noticed their generation may be the most vocal, but there is something missing: they're not turning out to the polls.

"When you have multiple methods to vote, when you increase voter accessibility, in all truth, that's just as important as knowing who to vote for," said Travis Waters.

Alfredo and Travis met on a bus in Orlando through the university's CARE program, one that helps students from low-income families and first-time college students achieve success on campus.

"Ever since then, we've basically relatively kept in contact and been good friends since then, on," said Alfredo Alvarez.

During the height of election season, they noticed how many students were choosing not to vote due to a lack of voter identification.

They're placing a white stripe on the back of their FSUCard, the student ID on campus, to allow students to sign their name. This makes their student ID a form of valid voter identification.

"To me, I was honestly dumbfounded because I can't believe that something that small could make that big of a difference," said Alvarez.

The two got in contact with the administration of cards and services and FSU hopped on board.

"I'm very proud, continuing to work with student government and other campus organizations to ensure that we are the number one student voter-friendly campus in the state of Florida," said Waters.

Travis and Alfredo are planning to meet with FAMU and TCC student governments to pitch their IDs to them in hopes to increase voter turnout across Tallahassee.