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Florida budget eases burden with tax-free diapers, clothes for kids under 5-years-old

Posted at 10:52 PM, Mar 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-23 22:52:56-04

TALLAHASSEE FLA. (WTXL) — Floridians with children under five can expect to save hundreds in diapers and clothing with additional funding to Florida's budget that aims to ease the financial burden of having children.

Yolanda Cross- Craig is a mother of five with 9-month-old twins.

"Any little penny counts I promise you," said Cross-Craig.

She said now that diapers and baby clothes will be tax-free for a year, things will be different for her.

"We are constantly spending money on diapers and wipes and different clothes because I have a boy and girl so I can't dress them alike," said Cross-Craig.

Cross-Craig said with her twins she's spending more than $200 a month, so having the leftover tax money gives her family an extra cushion.

Cross-Craig said kids grow so fast so you always need extra money.

"We may put them in an outfit and then the next month they can't wear it anymore. Shoes, they can't wear it anymore, socks, they're growing out of," said Cross-Craig.

Director of Whole Child Leon Courtney Atkins told ABC 27 not all parents are that fortunate.

"Families that are living below the poverty lines and maybe aren't able to work at this time and have young children it can be expensive, they just can't afford," said Atkins.

She said no taxes for a year will give families a financial break.

"For parents living paycheck to paycheck $100 could make a difference," said Atkins.

That's how much people with children could save in a few months.

For mothers like Andrea Roberts, she's overjoyed that people are getting a year-long relief.

"Honestly, $1 would be amazing," said Roberts.

Roberts has three children and one under five.

She said it would've been nice having this tax exemption when she was having her first baby.

"I might have put money towards something a little bit special," said Roberts.

Roberts said it's still a blessing knowing that parents have something to look forward to.

"Just to know that there are people that care to come alongside you and help you make this road a bit easier I'd say it's beneficial," said Roberts.

Beginning July 1, tax on diapers and clothing for children under five will be tax-free in Florida.