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First week of ALLin LEON nets 84 arrests, guns and drugs

Posted at 1:25 PM, Jun 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-10 16:36:20-04

LEON COUNTY, Fla. — 84 arrests, two guns taken and thousands of dollars in drugs now off the streets.

A look at what happens, when the Leon County Sheriff's Office goes ALLin on cutting down crime.

We are just one week into LCSO's strike force initiative and we're already seeing some results.

A lot of people are applauding LCSO's efforts. With 84 arrests made, people we spoke to say its a good start, but they still believe that more can be done.

"The young people trying to kill each other and all that, trying to be somebody who they are not," said Jakoby Pye, who lives in Tallahassee.

Getting criminals and guns off the streets, that is the goal of LCSO's latest ALLin effort and communities are taking notice.

"I've seen a lot of them out here, they've been going crazy lately," said Pye.

In the last week, law enforcement made 84 arrests, and picked up about 13 pounds of drugs. The sheriff's office says it will not stop there.

"This is something that will continue to happen throughout the summer and beyond," said Sgt. Teresa Howard, Public Information Officer for LCSO.

With only two guns being picked up during the strike force initiative, the gun violence concerns still linger.

"Put a ban on guns, you know you've got to limit the law," said Pye.

LCSO says this initiative will be a group effort and they will not rest until every criminal is behind bars.

"We are working and we will continue to work. having the community involvement and make sure we have our buy in from our citizens so that they are contacting us when they are seeing crimes being committed and not waiting until after the fact," said Sgt. Howard.

We spoke to other people who didn't want to be on camera, but did have some suggestions.

They say there should be a curfew for those who are under age to be at home, instead of on the streets.

A week after the Leon County Sheriff's office announced a "massive" crackdown on gun violence and drugs in Tallahassee, authorities have already made 84 arrests and gotten approximately 13 pounds of drugs off the streets.

Over the past week, as part of the ALLin LEON initiative, the Leon County Sheriff's Office has worked closely with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Highway Patrol, Tallahassee Police Department, U.S. Attorney's Office, State Attorney's Office, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office on various operations.

As part of the initiative, LCSO says they've made 84 arrests.

Deputies say they've gotten approximately 13 pounds of drugs off the street that included powder cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA, prescription pills, and cannabis. They've also seized a stolen firearm and an illegally possessed firearm as well as $8,733 in cash, a stolen utility trailer with 21 power tools inside.

"This collaborative effort to crack down on crime in our community will be long lasting," said Sheriff Walt McNeil. "These operations will continue throughout the summer and beyond. We want to send a strong message to those in our community participating in criminal activities that we will not rest until they are off the streets."

Authorities have also issued 115 verbal warnings, and 16 traffic citations during traffic stops.