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FIND OUT HOW: Vacant lot renovations could bring more foot traffic to westside downtown Thomasville

City of Thomasville set to renovate downtown vacant lot
Posted at 6:40 PM, Nov 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-06 18:40:09-05
  • Neighboring businesses say the vacant lot is an eye sore.
  • They are excited at bringing more attention to 'The Bottom' part of downtown Thomasville.
  • Check out the video above to find out details!


"You do notice it right away and it is, for better or worse, a bit of an eye sore being next to your place of business," said Maurice Jackson, Co-Owner Tvelo Brewing Company.

That's Maurice Jackson and he's talking about the vacant lot located at 231 West Jackson Street.

He like other neighboring businesses are not happy with its current status.

"The vacant lot is an eye sore," said Jessica Abernathy, Hairstylist, Element Style Bar.

Jackson's business, Tvelo Brewing Company, is right next door.

Jessica Abernathy works across the street at Element Style Bar.

I asked Abernathy are there any downside to changing the vacant lot.

"No, there's not downside to that," said Abernathy.

So, I hit the pavement and did what I do best, start asking questions.

I found out the city owns the property and though still in its design phase, the idea is to create a passthrough and seating area for the community.

Did I mention it sits right in downtown's The Bottom?

Because of this the city plans to maintain the lot's historical pieces like the Coca-Cola ghost mural that sits inside of it.

The city said quote,

"Honoring the history of The Bottom District has been the heart of the continuing work and preservation of this historic district in Thomasville."

So, what does this mean for Jackson and Abernathy?

"I'm all about the foot traffic," said Abernathy.

"Foot traffic is foot traffic. We'll take any traffic. Bicycle, car truck, we'll take it," said Jackson.

As for now, the ghost mural is still in the design phase and no clear start date has been set.