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FBI conducting investigation for TMH IT security threat

TMH performing limited surgeries and procedures
Posted at 6:36 PM, Feb 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-06 18:50:08-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — "It's one of the fastest growing positions in the job market. It's the 10th fastest growing occupation," said Joseph Walter, Dean of Business, Industry, and Technology."

There are currently 3 million jobs available in cyber security globally, according to Fortune Education.

Tallahassee Community College Dean of Business, Industry, and Technology Joseph Walter said with cyber-attacks happening on a daily basis, businesses are in need of cyber security like never before.

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare is one of the latest companies impacted by an IT security issue. The hospital system shut down its IT systems on Thursday, forcing TMH to stop non-emergency surgeries through Monday.

While TMH has not said what's behind the IT shutdown, we do know the FBI office in Jacksonville is helping to investigate.

In a statement the FBI wrote "While our policy prohibits us from confirming or denying the existence or status of a federal investigation, we are working with TMH security teams to assess the situation."

As the investigation continues, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare is slowly getting back to performing non-emergency procedures.

The hospital is using paper documentation, but some patients in need of emergency services are being routed to other places.

As more companies are faced with IT security threats, Walter said the best form of defense is to have professionals ready to respond.

"It's just things that all businesses face, large or small. They go through multiple cyber attacks per day. So finding graduates with that skill set to combat those attacks are really important," said Walter.