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Father-son team of Franklin County named Law Enforcement Officers of the Year

Posted at 5:18 PM, Sep 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-03 17:18:31-04

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. — A father-son team of Franklin County law enforcement officers, who saved a family in the Eastpoint fire, are honored for their bravery, service and honor in the line of duty.

Law Enforcement Officers of the Year, that's what the Florida Sheriff's Association named Sergeant Jeff Hewitt and his son Deputy Jared S. Hewitt Tuesday at the Franklin County Annex building, something Sergeant Hewitt says is hard to describe.

"It means a whole lot. It's not something you can just describe, it's something that is inside you, a pride that's inside you," said Sergeant Hewitt.

It was June 2018 when Sergeant Jeff Hewitt and Deputy Jared Hewitt got a call about a fire in Eastpoint. There in the searing heat of the fire surrounding them they rescued a man, his 4-year-old son, a woman and a cat from a burning vehicle.

Jared says the award is a great honor.

"While we were at the sheriff's office receiving the award they actually said this was the first time two people ever received it at the same time, let alone a father and son team, so it is an honor," said Jared.

Sergeant Hewitt, a Franklin County native, says he has no plans to stop serving his community anytime soon.

"As an officer before I retire from this career I will do all I can to serve my county and keep them safe," said Jeff.

Jared says they have not been in touch with the family they saved since the fire.