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New FAMU safety features improve campus security

Posted at 5:30 PM, Nov 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-07 18:26:38-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — An ongoing commitment to keeping students safe.

Florida A&M University's new safety features are taking the campus security to a new level.

For FAMU, campus security is a top priority, one that continues to evolve.

"We will reevaluate it each year to make sure we are looking at the newest and the best and the brightest way to help with campus safety," said William Hudson Jr., Vice President of Student Affairs at FAMU.

Now, if you head to the Highest of the Seven Hills, there are brand new cameras, even a license plate reader helping to keep the campus secure.

"If you are violating any of the campus codes or traffic laws we are able to identify and monitor them," said Hudson Jr.

Drivers will see new crosswalks designed to make sure pedestrians are top of mind. The signs even light up.

"It allows drivers to understand that there is a state law that encourages them to stop with students that are in the crosswalk," said Hudson Jr.

New, more visible crosswalk signs, speed humps, fencing, license plate readers and security cameras. It's all part of FAMU's commitment to keeping students, faculty and visitors safe on campus and the response has been overwhelming.

"I'm very appreciative of the crosswalk. I feel the added signs help drivers to know when to slow down," said Deasia Robinson, senior at FAMU. "Sometimes people forget they are on a campus and they don't pay attention to the students so I think the signs add that extra safety."

Two years ago, FAMU got community input and did their annual evaluation to identify ways to improve campus safety. All the new features are the result of that evaluation, but it's not just about the measures the administration takes. Everyone on campus has to pay attention.

"Signal the car to stop before you walk out. I see people just walk out - cars be right there about to pass and they just walk out. it's crazy," said Maurice Pickett, freshman at FAMU.

Steps to ensure safety is a top priority for everyone.

FAMU is installing 760 new security cameras and automatic door locks on all buildings that lock down the campus in case of emergency.

That phase of the project should be completed in fall of next year.

They also have a new app that shows the exact time the campus bus is getting to a stop, so students don't have to wait outside.