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FOUND :Family asking for help in finding missing Franklin County woman

Posted at 6:05 PM, Oct 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-01 06:12:50-04

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. — An update on the missing Franklin County woman: Michelle "Mickey" Majerus, has been found!

After days of extensive searching, Majerus, who's from Lanark Village, was found on Lake Morality Road and Highway 98 in Carrabelle.

A driver saw her walking down the road, and took her safely into his truck until the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and EMS could get to her.

She is receiving medical attention to make sure she is okay.

The Majerus family says they'll do whatever it takes to bring Michelle Majerus, better known as Mickey, home.

"Just keep fighting, Mom. We're going to find you. You're tough," said Steve Majerus.

It's been days since Steve or anyone else last heard from his mom, Michelle Majerus.

"My wife had talked to her Saturday at probably 2:00," said Steve.

As the days go by, more worry sets in.

"I've accepted people I don't even on Facebook. If they have a picture on Facebook, I'm like 'Okay, I'll take that person,'" said Charlman Majerus.

Charlman Majerus even sifted through the closet to figure out what her mother-in-law could be wearing.

"She's wearing these pants. It's like a light sage color," said Charlman.

Those pants, a white shirt and grey shoes. There are also health problems to be aware of. Michelle is partially blind and suffering from the early stages of dementia.

"She'll see things that aren't there something. It usually doesn't last for long," said Steve.

Now as the end of the week nears, Steve is now wondering if someone took his mother.

"If anyone took her, you need to drop her off some place safe. Do the right thing," said Steve.

Suspicions stemming from advice she gave him when he was a kid.

"She would tell me, 'Steve if you're ever lost, just sit. Don't make it worse and dig a hole. Professionals will come get you,'" said Steve.

The family says you can contact them or the sheriff's department if you have information.