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Families reunite with their loved ones in long-term care facilities for the holidays

Harriet Sespico with her mother finally reunited
Posted at 6:53 PM, Nov 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-25 18:53:57-05

This Thanksgiving people who spent much of 2020 without the ones they love are finally able to reunite.

Reunions across the Big Bend making days like today that much special.

For the first time since dropping her off in January, Harriet Sespico was able to go inside and hug her mom at the long-term care facility.

A simple act, she says she'll never going to take for granted again.

"It's a good feeling. It's a really good feeling," Sespico said. "Up until last week, I haven't been able to actually go inside."

Since Sespico dropped her mom off in January, she has done most of her visits through a window.

This all changed right before Thanksgiving.

H"I got to surprise her, and I got to walk down the hall with her to her room and meet some of her friends and that was everything," Sespico said.

Sespico isn't the only one touched by being united with those she loves.

"I am so grateful," Paul Cook said.

Cook is back with his partner after spending the holidays alone last year when she was in a nursing home.

Paul Cook "It was very hard because I hadn't been separate from her in a long time."

Cook is overjoyed to be spending his Thursday, making a meal in his new home with his loved one.

Now he's reminding others to not take these moments for granted.

"If you haven't seen them in a while send them a text, give them a call let them know 'hey I'm thinking about you. I love you' because you never know when that chance and opportunity could be taken from you," Cook said.