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Doctor creates 'open tab' campaign to support Tallahassee businesses

Posted at 6:42 PM, May 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-27 18:42:58-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Verity Health Chiropractic has come up with a creative way for you to support local businesses.

Since May 12, Verity has had a tab showcasing various restaurants across Tallahassee each week, and they're inviting you to tap into it with a free drink or meal on the house.

It's a way to give businesses a bit of the financial boost that they need and encourage people to visit shops they may not have otherwise.

'Tap into Our Tab' campaign founder and chiropractor Dr. Isaac Montilla says he realizes not everyone is able to pay it forward right now, due to COVID-19, so he's taking the first step.

"What's happened in the last few weeks has been overwhelming for me just to see how many people truly are trying to find creative ways to contribute back to our community," said Montilla. "Verity was founded on the idea of families. How do we take care of people from a child to an adult? How do we come together? Because the only way to really beat any crisis is to come together."

Montilla has donated more than $500 to local business to date.

"So the idea of Tap into Our Tab is really saying, 'Look, here's grace,'" Montilla said. "During a moment of crisis, we're just extending our hand out and saying, 'Look, there's no strings attached.'"

Each business donated to then allow patrons to get their meal or drink for free, on Verity's tab.

It's a welcome treat for many in trying times.

Paper Fox Coffee owner Bob Bankston says Montilla's perfect blend of creativity, generosity, and timing are a godsend.

"Once the pandemic hit, we took a hard hit here at Paper Fox because we depend so much on the college students that come in," said Bankston. "And, once they were gone, obviously our sales dropped dramatically. And so that dependence that we had was no longer there. Having someone like Isaac to come in and offer to help us is such a blessing."

While it's not required, Montilla says he hopes those who tap into his tab now will consider leaving a future tab open for others to pay it forward.