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Delayed dress shipment dampens prom plans for Leon County School student

Posted at 7:30 PM, May 13, 2023

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — So close but so far away.

That is how the Bradley family is feeling this evening after learning their daughter's prom dress is locked in a trailer at UPS with little hope of getting it out in time for the big event.

Erica Bradley's daughter, Temilade Adedeji ordered this dress on April 13th for her prom, and Bradley says it was supposed to have arrived via UPS guaranteed 2-day delivery on Thursday. In theory, that would have allowed it to have been one day late and still available before prom. But, when Bradley visited UPS Saturday to get the dress, she says they told her they didn't have the staff available to retrieve the dress.

"I woke up, Saturday this morning. The alert came through at 4:40. I called right at 5 and I was like hey, we'll be there in a few minutes to pick it up if possible," Bradley says. "And they were like no, you can't, it's in a trailer. And I'm like well we'll come and pick it up. You don't have to deliver it. ... They told us that they couldn't do that. The trailer was secured. They didn't have enough manpower was the verbiage that they used."

She and her daughter spent the afternoon frantically searching for a dress, with several community members even offering to donate dresses to make sure Temilade can celebrate with her peers.

"People have offered... people have messaged. Honestly, we're grateful for what anyone gives us," Bradley said.

All was saved as Bradley was able to get a replacement dress for her daughter.

051323 Temilade Adedeji prom Image(5).jpeg
Temilade Adedeji poses with a dress that was purchased prior to prom for Leon County Schools District students, Saturday, May 13, 2023. Her first dress was not delivered, but at a Tallahassee shipping facility.

ABC 27 did reach out to UPS corporate to see if there was anything that they would do, if they'd allow anyone to go above and beyond to meet this family's need, or if they would offer a statement regarding the incident. A spokesperson said she "will provide an update when I learn more about the situation."

Bradley says at minimum she would like a refund from UPS to her family for the dress and also to the designer.