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Community sick of dealing with Alligator Point Road issues every time it rains

Posted at 5:15 PM, Oct 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-21 17:15:48-04

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. — People in Alligator Point say they're sick of dealing with road issues every time it rains.

It was impassable this weekend. Nestor brought heavy storm surge to the area that washed away the road completely.

Crews got started almost immediately and put sand over it. Hurricane Michael also ruined it last October.

The county got a FEMA grant to build a permanent fix, but haven't gotten the money yet and people say it's ruining the quality of life.

"Dangerous for me to get into my house. This is my parents' house and they're elderly. They don't even want to come down here because they can't walk between the parking path and the doorway," said homeowner Jared Hudley. "It's unsafe terrain and they can't even enjoy their property."

The county hopes to start construction next January.

The plan is to lay down concrete over the road to stop it from weakening. It would take about five months to finish.