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Community rallies behind Wildlife Specialist to help keep business afloat

Wildlife specialist receives help after 50-year-long career
Posted at 6:13 PM, May 25, 2023

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WTXL) — "She can't do the physical things that she used to," said Theresa Davis, Wildlife Rehabilitator.

One 75-year-old's life work is pulling a community together. Lorrain Conklin has worked as a wildlife rehabilitator for 45 years, most of those years spent Thomasville.

"I can't believe the support of the community here. It's very nice to know that everybody's willing to help her," said Davis.

Born in Paris, France Conklin knew by the age of 4 she loved animals.

Conklin has helped save various animals from baby deer to panthers, cougars, and even bears. Conklin said in most cases she gets a call after a wild animal has been hit by a car and needs help. She says her main responsibility is to save their life.

"We don't have the right to create a very big problem for an animal who has a brain and can think and ignore it," said Lorraine Conklin.

Conklin said her role is to provide a living space to nurse animals back to health before releasing them back into the wild.

A role she takes pride in but has found difficulty in doing due to her age and after being attacked by a bear a few years ago.

"That's the first time one animal gave me so many injuries," said Conklin.

Though that hasn't slowed her down to save as many animals as possible.

She just need a little more help to keep her business afloat.

"It's just been a calling for years," said Davis.

Wildlife rehabilitator Theresa Davis received her license just two years ago. Davis currently lives in Adel. Now she's going to uproot her life to join forces with Conklin.

"I kind of felt the need to step in and do something," said Davis.

Now, Davis along with others are stepping in and helping clean and organize Conklin's life work, helping to fulfill Conklin's ultimate dream.

"When I retire or when I stop they can take over and the thing will keep on going," said Conklin.