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Community officials to confront firearms brought onto Leon County Schools District property

3 guns found on LCS property since start of school year
Posted at 1:13 AM, Sep 17, 2022

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Superintendent Rocky Hanna says Leon County Schools has zero tolerance for guns or weapons being found on campus. He adds he would even like to see permanent expulsions for students who decide to do so on LCS property.

"Do not consider bringing them on our campuses or you will be dealt with, and dealt with swiftly and appropriately and it will not be pleasant for you," Hanna said.

Hanna, middle and high school principals, and law enforcement -- all coming together to stop guns from entering Leon County Schools District property.

"It's black and it's white. There's no gray area here. It's wrong," Hanna said.

Since the beginning of the 2022 school year, three guns have been found on LCS property - including Leon High, Godby High, and a 14-year-old non-LCS student carrying one at Gene Cox stadium.

According to State Attorney Jack Campbell-- who attended Friday morning's meeting - a student carrying a gun on school property is a 3rd degree felony and can result in five years in prison.

Including a one year - expulsion - Superintendent Hanna discussing Friday - he would like to see that bumped up to a lifetime expulsion.

"We know for 100% that student will not return for a year. We are now looking to increase measures for where they will never return," Hanna said.

Leon County Sheriff's Office captain Bobby Green, who is in charge of the Leon County Sheriff's Office School Resource deputies, gave his input during the meeting.

"Schools are safe but we have to make our communities safer as well," Green said.

With his deputies working with kids every day, he adds that they're committed to doing everything they can to keep students and staff safe during the school day. He shares another idea that was brought up during the brainstorming session

"Majority of these weapons are found in book bags. So we're brainstorming trying to find out some issues during the school year and possibly eliminating book bags in some possible schools," Green said.

Superintendent Hanna - however - trying to walk the line between safety and trust at LCS.

"The challenge that we have is that our schools are not prisons, and they're not airports," Hanna said.