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Community reacts to Citizens Police Review Board

Community Members express strong opinions following removal of Taylor Biro from CPRB
Posted at 6:34 PM, Dec 09, 2022

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — “People shouldn’t be removed from the board for a cup and certainly not for their own personal political views,” said Delilah Pierre, President of the Tallahassee Community Action Committee.

Pierre believes Taylor Biro’s credentials make Biro more than fit for the Citizens Police Review Board. Biro was voted off that board 3 to 2 by the city commissioners Wednesday night. The decision came following concerns over a sticker on a cup she carried during a meeting – that was believed to be anti-police.

Now, the same people who called for a board like the Citizens Police Review Board to be formed are questioning if removing Biro was the right call.

“In no way has she once stood up and said something that was unobjective or bias,” said Pierre.

The decision by the board to not reappoint board chairman Ed Gaines and board member Barry Munroe to another term led to Gaines resigning before his term was over at the end of December, along with an additional board member stepping down Wednesday night.

With so many changes and the controversy surrounding the current board, some community members have their concerns about the board's future.

“The people on that board have been bias and he people that have resigned are demonstrating their bias. That’s the kind of people we need to get rid of,” said Barney Bishop, the President of Back the Badge.

He says it is difficult to find people that don’t have a bias towards police one way or the other. Bishop questions whether the board needs more rules outlined or whether it should be done away with completely.

“The Citizens Police Review Board ought to be abolished,” said Bishop.