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Cleanup continues in Liberty County as more storms approach

Posted at 11:45 PM, Apr 29, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-29 23:45:11-04

HOSFORD, Fla. (WTXL) — As the recovery for one storm is still in the beginning stages, preparation for another storm begins. Rhonda Lewis, director for Liberty County Emergency Management, says multiple agencies and neighbors worked tirelessly Friday to get debris from Thursdays tornado cleaned up.

"Everybody helping to get everything pushed to the side, open up all of our roadways, our driveways," Lewis said. A lot of debris, but mostly vegetative debris."

Lewis says about 40 homes were damaged in some capacity on Thursday. 10 of those being majorly damaged or destroyed. Part of Friday's cleanup also included prepping the remaining homes that were still livable for the weekend storms.

"We got everything pretty well tarped, a lot of houses are tarped, so we just have to wait and ride it out," said Lewis.

One woman I spoke with off camera says her experience Thursday was traumatic... she planned to hunker down and ride out the incoming storms. Lewis advises people to have an emergency kit ready as hurricane season approaches.

"Just making sure you're prepared. I think we have plenty of water and that kind of stuff but make sure your kits are ready and lets get through another one," Lewis said.

The Red Cross is assisting homeowners who's homes were destroyed Thursday. If you have any issues Saturday night or Sunday during the storms you can call emergency management at 850-643-2339, or call 911.