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City of Quincy sees two homicides in seven days

Posted at 11:31 PM, Aug 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-28 23:31:12-04

QUINCY, Fla. (WTXL) — The Recent Violence comes just months after cities across Gadsden County saw an increase in violent crimes in late June including two home invasions. One in Quincy, the other in Midway.

At around 9:40 Friday night an 18-year-old girl and two passengers were in a car off of South 9th Street and West Crawford Street in Quincy. A car came up from behind them, then got beside their vehicle and started shooting. The 18 year old girl died at the scene while the two passengers were uninjured.

Exactly one week ago, just a half mile away from the most recent shooting off of West Jefferson and South Jackson Street, Quincy police found a man lying beside his vehicle that was hit multiple times by gun shots.

Those two shootings, concerning for Community Organizers like Tracey Stallworth. He's been putting in the work through community events to help bring down violence and crime in Gadsden County. Stallworth added that the most recent Quincy shooting was a family member.

Stallworth says the two homicides, however, will accelerate the community leaders efforts to keep neighbors in Quincy and Gadsden County safe.

"There is a little bit of worry, a little bit of doubt about what's really happening in Quincy," said Stallworth. "When I was talking with some community people yesterday, you know, their concern is, 'will we be safe?' Their concern is walking down the street, going to the gas station, going to the store, and they're in fear right now because they don't want to be hit by a bullet, they don't want to be killed."

The Quincy Police Department plans on addressing the two most recent homicides here tomorrow at the City Commissions chambers Monday at 1:00 p.m.