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Big Bend Voters Rights Project registers voters for 2022 election

Posted at 12:42 AM, Apr 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-19 00:42:14-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — The Big Bend Voting Rights Project group has been canvassing for about three weeks in Leon County knocking on doors, asking them if they're registered to vote.

So far, the group has registered about 20 people in the three weeks they've been out, braving the rain to get even more registered, with a target of getting 2,022 voters registered by 2022.

Bob Rackleff with the Big Bend Voting Rights Group says they're putting in the hours now so far ahead of the next election cycle because they want to make sure that everyone who can vote, does vote.

"It's a big job," said Rackleff. "And you can't just wait until the last minute and hurry around and scurry around and expect to get good results, and plus last year we had to suspend our activities because of the pandemic."

The Big Bend Voters Rights Group also says they're targeting ex-felons, to make sure they know they can also vote from Amendment four.

As of last year, the Big Bend Voting Rights Group registered more than a thousand people for the 2020 election.